The Basic Guide To Handling Customer Complaints

There will always be complaints on social media. The important thing is to learn how to handle any issues in a friendly, professional, and prompt manner. This article will give you some tips on how to go about this.

Check social media multiple times a day and have notifications on for mentions. Even if you are not tagged. Search your name and look for those mentions on all social media platforms.

Reply within the hour in order to be as prompt as possible. This will make the person who issued the complaint assured that your response matters to them and you want to rectify the issue.

Responses should be public if a customer comments about an issue, so others can see the response. This may seem odd, but it is best to have others see that you have a good reputation.

Never reply more than twice. This should be done in order to avoid a public blowout. Take the conversation to a private message if it turns into a blowout.

Be genuine when posting an apology to an individual. Use a natural tone of voice. Be human.

Personalize your messages and make sure not to use automated responses that could have no relevance to the situation. This can be frustrating and make it seem like they do not matter.

Do everything you can to rectify the issue and find the solution. If you do not have the answers, make sure you can find the person who does and refer that information to the individual.

Customer complaints can be tricky to navigate. As you remember to be professional, friendly, and prompt in your responses, your company’s good reputation will grow.

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