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CEO Dayana Brown of Wallspop Group created The Village Brand to provide business owners with the knowledge and expertise to make their business a success.  The Village Brand is a community of business owners and entrepreneurs passionate about connecting, learning, and growing their businesses. The program's purpose is to be a village that facilitates and fosters the growth and success of small businesses, new businesses, and start-ups. Marketing services can be very costly and out of budget for small and start-up businesses. The Village Brand offers a 6 month semiyearly program, and ongoing consulting programs that assist business owners and people who want to start their business in creating marketing, eCommerce, PR, and business strategies tailored to their needs. There are two virtual programs. The 6 month program is designed for those wanting to start or who are in the early stages of starting an e-Commerce business. The program offers step-by-step details, planning, and execution necessary to reach success. The second program is for already existing businesses who need guidance and assistance in developing their marketing strategy. The program includes a 2-hour monthly guidance call specialized based on industry and a monthly virtual call for specific questions and concerns and assist with everything they need to succeed—strategies and expanding their businesses. The Village Brand is offered at only $99 a month, making it affordable for small businesses and entrepreneurs to establish their marketing, eCommerce, or business strategies without breaking the bank. If you have been considering starting a business or looking to improve your marketing or eCommerce strategies in your existing business, it's time to join the Village. The program will launch virtually starting May 4, 2021. For more details about each program or to sign up, click the Register button above. If you are interested in learning more or which program is right for you and your business, fill out the form below and text mybrand to (833) 709-1104.

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