We curate experiential marketing, events and brand activation that purposefully lead to unforgettable results. Our team division differentiated by it's skill, people, scale and challenger mindset. With our capabilities, we strategically map out the specific needs of each client. The secret ingredient is how we're structure. We are a team of creative thinker, with 15 years of experience combined and provide the kind of passion, innovation and personality to do just that. You don't hire a portfolio, you hire people - and we're an extension of your team with creative ideas, stronger management and smarter tracking of creativity. 


Dayana Brown, Founder  Marketing/Event Strategist

Dayana brings nearly a decade of experience in marketing and event production.  With clients base ranging from hospitality, beauty and lifestyel brands.  Her unique communication factors influence success to each clients. 

Laura Maskot, Project Manager

Laura has spent more than 6 years in the management and production.  She is a razor sharp and make every project a success. On her days off, she enjoys hiking and lounging with her 2 puppies. 

Melissa Short, Event Director

Melissa is an accomplished event planner/producer who has built a name in the undustry. She has a passion for creativity and  enjoys seeing detailed event come to life

Ashley Pierre, PR - Strategy

Ashley has spent almost 8 years in the media.  First as a national news writer and editor of Huffington Post. She has a passion for PR and consumer communication.  You can find her on the weekend indulging in some Atlanta's food scenery.

Melanie Chew, Writer/Creative Director

Melanie has a decade of experience in the marketing and PR industries with for over 10 years. She's responsible for the overall quality of work produced by the creative department. 

Marc Mauldin, Photographer & Digital Content

Marc is a full service freelance photographer. MCP works with national and local brands, designers and editorial publications with focuses on product, interior design, architecture and lifestyle photography. His clients includes Home depot, Lowes, ACE, Khols, Michael Habachy, Margaret Kirkland, Kristan and CO., Better homes and Garden, Atlanta Magazine and more!

Emily Clark, PR - Strategy New Yrork Team

Emily is the full of passion and outgoing! With over 10 years of experience in the PR industry and have helped 500 fortune brands from like TJMAX,  Home Depot and more.

Giovani Pratt ,Creative Marketing Director New York Team

From Marketing strategy to Creative communications his cup is never full here at Wallspop! 

Sarah Mills, Event Producer New York Team

Wallspop team is so thrilled to have Sarah as our event producer! She's a total millennium bad ass and attention catcher with her creativity.


Wallspop Group is a leading creative marketing agency, based in Atlanta with national reach. Our creative team provides strategic marketing, PR & event productions. 



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