Experiential Marketing

  • Creative Development

  • Event Marketing

  • Face-to-face Brand Experience

  • Tour Planning & Management

  • Special Events/Brand Engagement

  • Brand Activation & Partnership

  • Influencer Seeding

  • Branded Digital Content & Editorial

  • Engagement Marketing Campaigns

Experiential marketing is a unique and effective way to reach people since it creates the perfect links between the brand and consumers. A brand connection can transform customers into loyal customers. The use of live face-to-face engagements, event marketing, influencers, bloggers, or on-ground marketing helps to connect with an audience, create relationships, and drive brand affinity. Our team will oversee your campaign idea and connect your brand with the right contents, audience, graphics, props, digital platforms, and research to bring it to life. We will do this by using all social media technologies and monitoring your campaign activities. Our goal is to identify opportunities to test the market, create a brand experience, and expand for further growth to meet and exceed your goals.

Public Relations 

  • Event Publicity

  • Digital PR & PR Stunts

  • Community Relations

  • Strategic Development

  • Media Outreach

  • Campaigns Activations

  • Social Campaign

  • Influencers Campaign

  • Social Media Management

Public relations is about developing and managing relations, connecting the right brand message with the media and your target audience, and connecting your brand goals with the desired results. The essential part of PR is business development. These two roles go hand in hand. Part of the value in public relations is that it can help you increase visibility, growth, and profitability. We'll take a strategic approach by implementing community relations, special events, special projects, and strategic development into your brand. The tactics we implement are more than sending a press release to the media. We communicate with staff, investors, influencers, and other audiences. This strategy has been proven to be most effective and sustainable.

Event Planning

  • Experiential Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Product Launches

  • Branded Event & Marketing

  • Trunk Shows

  • Fundraising

  • Community Events

  • Event Management & Design

  • Grand Openings

  • Pop-Up Shops


We are experienced in getting the job done! We curate effective event strategies with an emphasis on a cleverly branded designs that uncover audience insights and technology to activate brands, entertainment, media, and sponsorships to connect the experience. This revitalizes a brand image for new generations—how and where we live, work, play, and shop.

 Corporate Events - Sports/Lifestyle - Awareness/Award - Grassroots Campaigns & Initiatives - Mobile Tours & Events - Shopper/Retail - Product Sampling - Sponsorship Marketing & Digital Contents Activation

Marketing & Brand Management

  • Product Photography 

  • Social Media management

  • Brand Identity

  • Operations Strategy

  • Project Management

  • Content Development

  • Video Production

  • Digital Marketing

Branding is about figuring out creative ways to enhance and attract consumer's way of life. It’s about finding the "lifestyle secret sauce". This includes the tone, style, look, feel, and perspective that connects the brand with your consumer's daily lives. We will assist you with full development through self-branding, product packaging, manufacturing, product photoshoots, marketing campaigns, brand launch, copy-writing, and social media strategies.  On the other hand, we focus on the long game and establish thought leadership through an evergreen platform that offers a consistent source of ongoing promotion.  Our process will help you look at your brand through the same lens to discover how to best resonate with your target market.

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