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3 Ways To Help Clients During Difficult Times

This current pandemic has demanded agencies to be flexible where many PR and marketing activities have come to a halt. Our job is to influence the public on what they should think and feel. In other instances where crises beyond our control can occur, we need to keep audiences and clients calm and reassured. Below are three great tips to help clients at this time and in the future.


Stay in contact with clients at this time. Though we may not have all of the answers, it can be reassuring to them if we stay in frequent contact with clients who may feel stressed. We must be there and continue to stay there with them.

Go The Extra Mile

A great way to help clients is to take on extra projects they may need assistance with. Even if there is no payment given or the project may not be your idea of fun, keeping that relationship going will speak volumes in the future when things can start going back to normal. Clients need our help now more than ever.

Stay Positive

Something important to remember is that crises have an end, even if the end does not seem near. Maintaining that positive perspective is a great way to keep clients at ease.

Even though we are in difficult times at the moment, there is still work to be done. We may never truly go back to normal, but maintaining control is an important way to make ourselves and our clients feel better and at ease.

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