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3 Tips For Strategic Social Media

During times of crisis, it can feel difficult to communicate with your social media audience. What should you bring up? What is the best time? These questions and more can cause confusion for companies and brands. Audiences are being given many messages about the current pandemic and steps moving forward. How can you stand out?

Take A Poll.

Ask your followers what content they want to see. Do they want behind-the-scenes looks at your company? Personal stories? Take an Instagram or Facebook poll to find out what will interest your audience.

Show Empathy.

This is a time of great confusion and stress for many individuals. In your communications on social media, show empathy and vulnerability. This will resonate more with your audience.

Beware Overuse Of The C-Word.

Using words like “coronavirus” or “pandemic” in communications can be overabundant and feel daunting. Saying “alone together”, “in this together” or “still here for you” can be reassuring and less negative. It still communicates the same message but says it in a different and more unique way. Create a space for providing value and spreading positivity in your brand communications.

Even though we are in unfamiliar territory as companies, there are ways social media can be used for good and to give audiences some peace of mind as we all navigate this time.

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